Club Closing for the season

Fall Clean-up Workday

The Fall Clean-up workday on Saturday, September 4th was a great success! We finished the many dock, clubhouse, and equipment related tasks in record time thanks to a head start provided by our staff and the efforts of the following volunteers who came out to contribute:
Suzanne Lisle,  Jim Peterman, Gordon Rowley, Gary Moore, Vivian Finck, Olivia Finck, Steve Crane, Deb Crane, Gain Goettelman
Olive Goettelman, Fred Lewis, Liz Gheorghita, Jessica Sauter, Steve Sauter,  Charlie Sauter, Vivi Sauter, Joanie Lewis, Nan Zimdars, Michael Faugust  and Hugh Haggerty.
Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers throughout the summer, this club would not be what it is without you!
We had a wonderful 2021 Season and look forward to the Summer of 2022!!
See you on the Dock!
photo credit: Lisa Gifford