It wouldn’t have been an EYC summer without you all!

This is the last EYC weekly email of the summer, so it is time to say our thanks!!  First up…

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Fall Cleanup!

The weather held and we had a great turnout for our Fall Cleanup.  Thanks to all of our volunteers, we were able to accomplish everything on our extensive work lists. We are very fortunate to have great volunteers as members of the EYC!  Thanks to Jack O’Rourke for his work at the grill!  And, thanks to Jodi Hoyerman and the Gibraltar Sailing Team for doing some prep work on Friday afternoon giving us a nice jump start for the cleanup activities.

According to our sign-in sheet and our collective memories, here’s who helped on Saturday in no particular order: Bob Kieckhefer, Gordon Rowley, Hugh Haggerty, Laura O’Rourke, Kim Miller, Bob Schmidt, Jack O’Rourke, Tom McMahan, Matt Winnacker, Liz Gheorghita, Jennifer Ikeda-Faugust, Michael Faugust, Craig Rawlins, Nancy Claypool, Suzanne Lisle, Heather Andersen, Bill Andersen, Kay Tschannen, Keith Tschannen, Geoff Werner, Cain Goettleman, Chalyn Elking, John Dischner, Liz Dischner, Kate Dischner, Charlie Dischner, Skip Heidler, Debby Heidler, Joani Lewis, John Peterson, Deanna Peterson, Jodi Hoyerman, Rick Hoyerman, Eric Hoyerman, Sally Schoendorf, Sue Lewis, Fred Lewis.

You really have to hand it to those who volunteer over Labor Day weekend to clean!  Next on the list…

Our volunteer recognition system has a winner!

This last winner of the season is Rich Bierman! Thank you to all who used our new recognition system to thank each other. This week’s volunteers were Rich Bierman, Stephanie Richter, Deb Heidler and Geoff Werner.


And lastly, thanks to ALL OUR MEMBERS!

We simply wouldn’t have a club without you.  I mean it:  thank you.  See, now I’m getting all emotional …