Summer is not over yet!

Regatta Tech Shirts: Sold out but we’re ORDERING MORE!

The 113rd Ephraim Regatta design created by Jess Sauter was so popular we sold out.  For those who missed out (or who procrastinated but now regret it), we’re ordering more and can also order the women-cut shirt. If you’d like a tech shirt, please contact Jennifer at [email protected] by Wednesday, Aug 22 and we’ll fast-track that order in time for payment and pickup at Club Closing, Sat. Sep. 1.


Limited hours to take out boats during late August

It is that time of year (sniff sniff) … and that means our staff are returning to school, leaving the dock under-staffed. Volunteer Jodi Hoyerman has generously offered to sign out boats during selected hours to qualified members. Please see the notice at the club for details.


We met the swim raft challenge grant goal!!

We kicked off our donation challenge grant at the Commodore’s Party and thanks to you all, the raft is now fully paid off and will stay afloat. Thanks to all our generous donors including Joan and Robert Schaupp and to Dick Christensen and Steve and Jessica Sauter for matching our donations! And a shout out to our emcee Jack O’Rourke for corralling donors!


The 113rd Ephraim Regatta was a singing success!

Our “Regatta Maestro” Stacey Rieu orchestrated gobs of performers and stage hands over multiple days to pull off a spectacular performance.

Thank you for the sponsorship by MAD Sails and to all who participated in this symphony: Matt Andersen, Topher Andersen, John Archibald, Bob Aring, Chris Bungener, Dave Chomeau, Carol Claypool, Nancy Claypool, Alison Claypool-Conrad, Joel Dykman, Darlene Faugust, Jim Faugust, Michael Faugust, Carol Fiedler, Marsella Fults, William Gheorghita, Griff Goetsch, Cain Goettelman, Dan Goldberg, Debby Heidler, Fred Horwitz, Jodi Hoyerman, Rick Hoyerman, Jennifer Ikeda, Fred Lewis, Joani Lewis, Mark Matson, Todd McBride, Henry Morof, TJ Murphy, Laura O’Rourke, Deanna Peterson, John Peterson, Kevin Raymond, Jack Rebhan, Jim Rowings, Gordon Rowley, Sly Salkowski, Charlie Sauter, Steve Sauter, Wally Waleffe, Matt Winnacker, Barb Ziegler, Bob Ziegler, Agne Zukauskaite

Now sing it out loud: “There… will… always… be… an… Ephraim… Regatta.”  

(Ok, now people are looking at you).

Volunteer Fred Lewis wins the volunteer recognition drawing!

Thank you for continuing to submit your acknowledgements for our volunteers. This week’s winner Fred helped with moving boats and getting the dock ready for Ephraim Regatta. Other volunteers that were recognized include: Stacey Rieu, Marsella Fults, Debby Heidler, Kathy Pentler, Nancy Pillat, Joani Lewis, Geoff Werner, Laura O’Rourke, Jack O’Rourke, and Deanna Peterson oh, and our newest members Laurel and Yanny.