EYC thank-yous

From time to time we publicly thank those who have helped the EYC by volunteering their time or otherwise.  The EYC relies on the thousands of hours of volunteer time donated by members and friends each year. You help make the EYC special!

Thank you to Alison Tatlow, who four years ago took over the job of EYC boat registration and boat title manager. At the time our registrations were in disarray, and many of our boats were not correctly registered or titled. Alison straightened everything out and has kept our registrations up to date each season since. She’s gone the extra mile for the EYC, and her work here is done, as she would say if she were the hero of a western movie. The EYC needs a new boat registration manager. If you are detail-oriented, you might be the perfect person for this volunteer job. Interested? Contact [email protected]

Thank you to Steve and Jessica Sauter who provided soft drinks for the competitor / parent picnic for the Rich Hall Junior Regatta on July 20, through their business e-tailer, inc.

Thank you to David Rack of Door County Kayak Tours in Fish Creek, who donated a used Laser sailboat to the EYC.

Thank you to Rex Kahr, who picked up an EYC powerboat at the repair shop and launched it so it could get back into service at the EYC.

Thank you to Steve and Jessica Sauter who provided chips, water, soft drinks and desserts for all the sailor lunches for our two clinics on July 10 through July 13, through their business e-tailer, inc.  Thank you to John Welch who hosted our two visiting clinic instructors in his perfectly located cottage across the street from the EYC, and who hosted a Friday evening cookout for all the Laser clinic participants and their parents.  Thank you to John Murphy who gave clinic instructor Scott Flanigan a ride to Ephraim from Milwaukee.  Thank you to Jay Lott, Linda Carey, Laura O’Rourke, Jessica Sauter, and Linda Franczyk, who provided food and and beverages.  Thank you to First First Mate Laura O’Rourke for coordinating the lunch volunteers.  You helped make these clinics educational, fun and memorable for EYC sailors and guests!

Thank you to all of those who helped with the Ice Cream Social on July 4: Event chairs Jessica and Steve Sauter (who also provided the ice cream through their business icecreamsource.com), Brett Lecy, Katy Lecy, Norma Hager, Jen Neavolls, John Peterson, Deanna Peterson, Matt Smith and Nick Gheorghita.

Thank you to all who helped with the Opening Social on June 28: event co-chairs Susie Berg and Linda Franczyk, and Leslie Harsch, Joan Heelan, Marsella Fults, Debby Heidler, John Birkenbine, Tim Fults, Phil Tatlow, John Franczyk, and Joani Lewis.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the EYC’s first annual Fyr Bal pancake breakfast (list provided by event chair John Welch) (in no particular order):  Diane Taillon, Rob Moore, Sherry Moore, Jeff Stone, Jay Lott, Susan Reynolds-Smith, Jennifer Neavolls, Skip Heidler, Debra Heidler, Gretchen Meilinger, Jenny Miller, Nancy Treleven, Rob Treleven, Laura O’Rourke, Jack O’Rourke, Randi Mann, Jeff Mann, Laurie Covert, Chris Covert, Claire Bierman, Dick Bierman, Sandra Annoye, Marianne Roppuld, Betsy Steel, Joan Heeland, Paul Roppuld, Kay Nelson, Barb Wahl, Deanna Peterson, Jeanne Papenthien, Joel Dykman, Stephanie Richter, Jessica Sauter, Mary Gantz, and Marsella Fults.  Thank you to Steve Sauter and Erica Heidler for loaning a TV and a computer to play our promotional slide show.  The breakfast netted more than $1100 for the EYC’s Aaron R. Moore Sailing Scholarship Fund!

Special thanks to chef Todd Bennett of the Chef’s Hat Cafe.  Todd donated his time and his restaurant’s facilities to cook this delicious pancake breakfast, and donated a discount Chef’s Hat breakfast coupon to every pancake customer.  The Chef’s Hat is currently rated the best restaurant in Ephraim on Yelp.  If you have not tried it already, stop by sometime for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the EYC’s first membership open house on Saturday, June 21. We showed a slide show, provided refreshments, and gave tours and free sailboat rides.  We generated two new members and several lesson enrollments!  Event chair Jay Lott; food and beverage providers Kathy Pentler, Barb Zeigler and Jodi Hoyerman; PFD providers Steve and Jessica Sauter, Jennifer Neavolls, Joani Lewis, John Peterson, Deanna Peterson and Jay Lott; and guides and greeters Duska Pearson, Marsella Fults, Joani Lewis, Jodi Hoyerman, John Peterson, Deanna Peterson, Deb Ritter, Marv Ritter, and Laura O’Rourke.

Thank you to our expert boat painting volunteer, Mike Callahan.  Every off-season for the past three years Mike has painted one of our Flying Scots to make it look better than new.  The Scot Free, the Milton, and now McLal’s Single Malt look great thanks to Mike!  Also thank you to Bill and Heather Andersen, who provide indoor heated working space for Mike, at their business Port Storage in Jacksonport.  If you are looking for winter storage for your boat, or other storage space, please consider Port Storage. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped flip over McLal’s Single Malt on Thursday, June 19, so that Mike could paint the other side of it (in no particular order):  Will Gheorghita, Radu Gheorghita, Edward Gheorghita, Nick Gheorghita, Jay Lott, Steve Sauter (who also brought along a crew of three warehousemen from his business), Bill Andersen and Will Andersen.  Thank you to Jay Lott for working with our boat maintenance manager, Hans Ribbens, to paint the final layer of nonskid.

Thank you to everyone who helped open the EYC on Saturday, May 24 (in no particular order): Jack O’Rourke, Laura O’Rourke, J.R. O’Rourke, Jay Lott, Rich Bierman, Fred Lewis, Sue Lewis, Rex Kahr, Gary Moore, Bob Richter, Stephanie Richter, Steven Richter, Sydney Richter, Ian Leonard, Morgan Dykman, Abby Dykman, Brian Ritter, Carrie Ritter, Rob Moore, Roger Waleffe, Sherry Moore, Rob Cowles, Jim Nelson, Bob Schmidt, Laird Hart, George Carey, Linda Carey, Randi Mann, Jeff Mann, Isak Peterson, Stefan Peterson, John Peterson, Deanna Peterson, Ted Lott, Sue Zingsheim, Adele Gruner, Woody Heidler, Erica Heidler, Micheal Faugust, Suzanne Lisle, Paul Heim, Rob Treleven, Britt Maltby, Marshall Maltby, Kevin Kane, Gordon Rowley.

While we try to thank everyone at some point, we don’t thank everyone in every “thank-you” e-mail. Nor do we always try to thank Board members, officers, or Committee chairs for their normal duties, which often take place behind the scenes, and which are so numerous, varied and constant that to thank them would require the killing of too many digital trees.  Next time you see a Board member, officer, or Committee chair, please thank them for their efforts on behalf of the EYC.

And, sometimes we forget someone, or someone just falls through the cracks.  If you know of someone who has volunteered for the EYC and has not been thanked either in an e-mail or in the Eagle’s Cry, please let us know at [email protected]