So you want to be an EYC instructor….

Sailing instructor at the EYC is the best summer job in Door County. EYC students often ask “How can I be hired as an instructor?”

Here is what you can do to increase your chances of being hired:

1. Become the best sailor you can be.  Progress through the EYC’s lesson program as quickly as your age and size will allow. Earn your EYC Skipper’s License.  Enroll in the EYC’s racing class as often as you can. Race as much as you can, in different kinds of boats, as both skipper and crew. Sail with older, more experienced sailors. Sail outside of lessons and racing.

2. Sail outside the EYC, during seasons other than summer.  Sail on your high school team, or at your local yacht club, if it offers a fall or spring program. Attend clinics. Travel to race in regattas.

3. Encourage your parents to invest in a sailboat, such as a Laser Radial. There is a strong correlation between students who own their own sailboat, and sailing skill. With your own boat, you can practice your sailing as often as you like, on your own schedule.

4. Learn how to drive a powerboat. Earn your Wisconsin safe boating certificate. When driving a powerboat, always do so in a correct, safe and responsible manner. We are watching you out there as you drive your family’s Whaler or Wave Runner! If we see you wake jumping, driving too fast or too close to other boats, prop spraying, or otherwise driving in an unsafe manner, that will count against you come hiring season.

5. Show enthusiasm for sailing. Juniors who show an enthusiastic, mature, positive, helpful, safe attitude at the EYC will be remembered come hiring season.

6. To work at the EYC as an instructor, you will need to turn 16 in the calendar year of your employment, and you must have finished your sophomore year in high school.  After you are hired, you will need to take US Sailing’s 4-day Level 1 Small Boat Instructor certification course. The Level 1 course will require commitment and advance planning by you because it usually is offered late in the spring school semester and often on weekdays.

7. Get good grades. Good grades are an indicator that you pay attention, work hard, listen and follow directions, and care about doing a good job, all of which are essential qualities for EYC staff.

8.  Don’t get a reputation as a partier, drinker or drug user. EYC staff are expected to be positive role models and to show up on time for work, fully awake, alert, and ready to put in a solid day’s work.

9. Be ready to commit to the EYC.  The EYC will expect employees to commit to a minimum work period, usually early June through early-to-mid August.  The EYC will expect you to be available to work at all times during that period, and not to request time off for other commitments like camps, family vacations, church trips, summer school, sports practice, etc. The EYC expects its employees to be flexible in their work hours, to make the EYC their first work priority, and to get sufficient sleep. Therefore, EYC employment is generally not compatible with second jobs.

10. Have your own housing. If the EYC doesn’t have to find you a place to stay, your chances of being hired are greater.