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An EYC clinic instructor needs a ride from the Milwaukee Yacht Club to the EYC on the evening of Friday, July 11. This is your chance to spend 3 hours in a car with a 2012 Olympian! If you can help please contact [email protected]

If you are traveling to or from Door County and need a ride, or would offer a lift to an EYC member or friend, be sure to join the EYC’s Ride Share Facebook group here:




The Spring 2014 issue of the EYC’s newsletter, the Eagle’s Cry, has been published, and the paper version should be hitting members’ mailboxes any day now.  The online version (in color!) can be viewed at www.eyc.org/eaglescry



From time to time we publicly thank EYC volunteers.  The EYC could not exist without the thousands of hours of volunteer time donated yearly by members and friends.

Thank you to volunteers Bjorn Hooper, Adam Moore and Rob Moore, who we inadvertently didn’t thank in a previous e-mail for helping to set up the 420 storage rack and load the 420s for winter storage, on Saturday October 12.  Thank you to Rob for helping Jay Lott carry a newly purchased Laser through deep snowdrifts to its winter storage spot in the EYC’s clubhouse.

Thank you to Jay Lott, who found a used Laser advertised online, and drove to Madison to purchase it for the EYC; and who also drove to Kewaunee to check out another used Laser. Also thank you to Jay for towing many of the EYC’s Scots and powerboats to winter storage; and this spring, from winter storage to the EYC; for cleaning and organizing the Director’s office and the staff office; for sorting and organizing the EYC’s boat spare parts collection; for drafting the EYC’s 2014 schedule; for serving as the EYC’s point person in its insurance claim for ice damage; for tracking needed boat, trailer and lift repairs and maintenance and supervising the EYC staff in performing those repairs and maintenance; for performing numerous lift, boat, trailer, boat rack, and dolly repairs and upgrades; for calculating required 2014 staffing levels and staff budget, based on expected lesson enrollment, race management needs, and other staffing needs; for writing job descriptions and promoting open EYC positions on the EYC’s website, and placing help wanted advertisements in local and national publications; for calculating wage levels and providing a personnel budget; for recruiting and hiring the EYC’s 2014 staff; for tracking key information regarding the staff; for communicating with staff to ensure they obtain required current US Sailing, First Aid and CPR certifications; for creating an employee intake checklist and completing annual employee intake paperwork; for writing the employee work schedule for the entire summer, making sure it meshes with the EYC’s staffing and teaching needs, and updating it almost daily to meet changing situations and staff availability; for arranging for the EYC to host two sailing clinics in 2014, including recruiting outside clinic instructors, designing clinic curriculum, and promoting the clinics; for serving as the EYC’s Flying Scot Fleet 44 fleet captain, communicating with the Flying Scot Sailing Association and other Midwest fleet captains to promote the Ephraim Regatta; for maintaining the EYC’s lesson signup software, responding to lesson inquiries, revising the EYC’s curriculum, and promoting lessons and clinics to EYC members and others; for arranging for new uniforms for the EYC’s instructors; for maintaining and updating the EYC’s staff training manual, and printing it and mailing it to staff for them to memorize; for communicating with potential donors and following up on cash donations and in-kind donations of boats and equipment, including arranging for title to be transferred to the EYC, arranging for necessary maintenance, advertising the items for resale, showing items, and closing sales of EYC items; for helping with liaison with the Village of Ephraim; for serving as the EYC’s webmaster, including keeping the EYC’s website, summer schedule, Facebook page, e-mail list, slip and locker rental software, and Flickr photo gallery up-to-date, and composing almost every e-mail which goes from the EYC to its membership in general; for keeping track of volunteers and writing thank-you e-mails like this one; and for writing or sourcing approximately half the copy in each recent issue of the Eagle’s Cry.

Thank you to EYC Clubhouse chair Fred Lewis, who cleared a path through deep snow so that the EYC’s six new Optimists could be delivered and stored in the clubhouse in mid-March.  Thank you to Fred, Bjorn Hooper and Jay Lott for helping to unload the new Optimists from the truck and carry them into the clubhouse.

Thank you to those who helped clear off the pier on May 2:  Bill Andersen, Rich Bierman, Bjorn Hooper, Fred Lewis, Jay Lott, and Steve Sauter.  Steve also brought a crew of four strong helpers from icecreamsource.com, and brought his Bobcat, which was helpful in pushing riprap boulders off the pier.

Thank you to Sue Lewis, who helped our Membership co-chairs Sue Zingsheim and Jodi Hoyerman stuff almost 350 annual membership packets on Saturday, May 3, a project which takes many hours.

Thank you to Bill and Heather Andersen, who once again provided free indoor storage for the EYC’s nine Flying Scots and six powerboats over the winter.  Also thank you to Bill for towing one of the EYC’s Scots to the EYC on May 9.  Please show your appreciation by patronizing their storage business, Port Storage, if you can.

Thanks to Rich Bierman and to EYC member Mike Maltby of Action Electric, who installed the EYC’s crane motors.  Every fall Mike takes down the motors, performs annual maintenance, and stores the motors for us over the winter.  Every spring, together with our Dock chairs, he re-installs the motors.  Please show your appreciation by patronizing Action Electric if you are can.

Thank you to Rich Bierman and to Fred Lewis for completing multiple House and Dock projects on May 2, May 10 and May 17, including blacktopping the parking lot, installing an antenna for the EYC’s new VHF radio base station, re-installing the EYC’s public computer, improving our floating docks by adding counterweights, repairing the stair railings, remodeling the West bathroom (including installing and grouting tile, installing a new vanity, installing a new and hopefully more efficient paper towel dispenser), and for building (Rich) and sanding (Rich and Fred) two very solid new dock boxes to hold our Laser sails and Optimist rigs.  Please think of Rich and Fred next time you use any of these items, including the bathroom.

Thanks to everyone who helped on May 17 to install the floating docks, and to install new parking bumpers to keep our Flying Scots from accidentally rolling into the lake (in no particular order): Steve Sauter (who also lent his Bobcat to install parking bumpers), Fred Lewis, Rich Bierman (who also sourced the bumpers and delivered them from Green Bay using his own trailer), Brett Lecy, Rob Moore, Pete Moegenburg, Rob Cowles, Karen Classon, Jay Lott, Bill Andersen, Topher Andersen, and George Kraemer.

Thank you to Alison Tatlow, who for four years has meticulously kept the EYC’s boat titles and registrations up to date, working with the Wisconsin DNR to make sure our 44 registered boats always have a current sticker and that we have clean title to those of our boats which are required to be titled.

The EYC could not operate without the assistance of hundreds of helpers each year.  We try to thank everyone publicly, in an e-mail and / or in the Eagle’s Cry, but sometimes the list of helpers provided for publication is incomplete, or we just straight out forget someone.  If you know of someone who has helped who has not been thanked in writing, please let us know at [email protected]