More EYC Thank-Yous

The Ephraim Yacht Club gets lots of help in lots of ways from its members and friends.  We always try to thank everyone who helps or who makes a donation.  In no particular order:

Thank you to EYC member Rich Bierman, who lent us the services of his company’s expert technology whiz for quite a while so we could get the EYC’s dock cams reconfigured and up and running.  Rich’s software experts also wrote a custom online time-clock software program for the EYC which the EYC’s staff have been using to record their time since 2012.

Thank you to EYC member and former Commodore David Sauter and his online marketing company Envano, Inc., which hosts the EYC’s website and provides website design and troubleshooting services.

Thank you to Cain Goettelman and his company FLS Banners in Sturgeon Bay.  FLS provides the EYC with extremely competitive pricing and great service on a variety of items, including custom-embroidered and custom-printed EYC apparel and promotional items, staff uniforms, banners, and sticky decals for boat numbers.

Thank you to everyone who helped out on the morning of Saturday, May 18 as we moved and assembled heavy floating pier sections, assembled the Laser rack, and moved the Lasers from the clubhouse to the rack:  Rich Bierman, Dick Bierman, George Kraemer, Sarah Olson, Sam Dickinson, Fred Lewis, Rob Moore, and Jay Lott.

Thank you to Ephraim Yacht Harbor staff Kevin Zito and Brad Heidler, who helped us install our bleachers on the pier and helped lift a heavy outboard motor.

Thank you to Jo Kahr and the Kahr family, who for many years provided outdoor storage on their farm for a number of large pier-related items which the EYC didn’t have room for.  We knew those floating piers would be needed eventually!

Thank you to Peter and Jan Peterson, who donated their Flying Scot “Dixsea” and a trailer to the EYC.

Thank you to Scott and Duska Pearson, who donated a used Sunfish hull, which the EYC will sell to raise funds, and a used boat trailer.

Thank you to Suzy and David Boerke, who donated a new plaque re-dedicating our flagpole to the memory of Suzy’s parents, Jack and Ruth McCoy.

Thank you to everyone who helped open the EYC on Saturday, May 25:  Rich Bierman, Chris Bierman, Karen Bierman, Dick Bierman, Joel Dykman, Rex Kahr, Jay Lott, Jim Shatto, Skip Heidler, Debby Heidler, Erica Heidler, Woody Heidler, Rob Treleven, Nate Treleven, Rob Comstock, Carrie Ritter, Brian Ritter, Nan Zimdars Hoesly, Ryan Malmgren, Stacy Rieu, Bob Richter, Stephanie Richter, Eric Richter, Steven Richter, Sydney Richter, Jim Nelson, Michael Faugust, Sarah Olson, Sam Dickinson, John Peterson, Deanna Peterson, Isak Peterson, Stefan Peterson, Kirk Brown, George Carey, George Kraemer, Rob Moore, Adam Moore, Joani Lewis, Laura Moegenburg, Sam Moegenburg, Linda Franczyk, Scott Pearson, Annika Pearson, Jack O’Rourke, Laura O’Rourke, Abby O’Rourke, and Steve Sauter.

Thank you to Dick Bierman for donating a used hand truck to the EYC, which we will use to cart about various heavy objects.

Thank you to Sue Klein, who donated a windsurfer trailer which we can use for to create additional windsurfer dry slips for our members.

Thank you to Bob Klein who delivered Sue Klein’s trailer to us and who also used his metalworking skills to modify a couple of our Flying Scot rudders.

If we left your name off the list, it’s because so many people help that it’s hard for us to remember and keep track.  If you helped and don’t see your name above, or if you know of someone who has done something for the EYC and who has not been thanked either in an e-mail or in the Eagle’s Cry, please tell us at [email protected]