Three More Extraordinary EYC Volunteers

Fellow EYC members,

With the new EYC season starting soon, I wish to recognize three EYC volunteers whose work for the EYC and its members goes far beyond the norm.

They are (in no particular order) Susan Reynolds-Smith, Sue Zingsheim, and Fran Morof.

Susan Reynolds-Smith has for many years been in charge of apparel and promotional items sales for the EYC.  Each winter, she chooses a variety of tasteful and fun new items, and shepherds them through the production process.  Then, all summer long, she is at the EYC several times per week, offering these items for sale to EYC members.  Because the EYC doesn’t have room for a retail store, Susan uses the back of her SUV as her sales location.  Susan carefully monitors inventory and reorders throughout the season as necessary.  If it was not for Susan, EYC members would have no way to obtain EYC-branded apparel.  Also, Susan has grown sales so well over the years so that her hard work has created a significant source of financial support — many thousands of dollars per year — for the EYC’s operations.

Sue Zingsheim is an EYC board member and has served on the EYC’s membership committee since 2011.  In 2012 she became Membership Chair.  Sue has worked hard and carefully to transition the EYC’s membership processing online, choosing an appropriate software vendor and moving the EYC’s membership data to that vendor.  Sue made sure that the transition occurred seamlessly and with as little hassle as possible for EYC members.  The new membership system saves the EYC money, makes it easier for new members to join and for existing members to renew, makes our membership directory available to members online, and saves scores of hours of volunteer time each year which was previously expended maintaining the offline membership database.  Sue also ensures that membership directory and membership cards are mailed each spring to renewing members.  Sue’s job is complex, requires a lot of organization and attention to detail, and is crucial to the health of the EYC, and she has performed it with flying colors.

Fran Morof has been the Editor of the Eagle’s Cry, the EYC’s newsletter, for many years.  Twice annually, Fran dedicates herself to rustling up articles from a variety of authors, editing and proofreading those articles, choosing appropriate pictures from the EYC’s photo archive, and laying out the Eagle’s Cry using desktop publishing software. The Eagle’s Cry has received numerous compliments for its quality and comprehensiveness.  (Just yesterday I had a note from a former EYC member from Virginia, who recently viewed the Eagle’s Cry on our website.  She said “Let me complement you on the Eagle’s Cry newsletter.  I see a lot of such documents and it is the best one I know of.”)  A quality newsletter helps keep our members connected and is crucial to the success of the EYC.  When a 20- or 30-page Eagle’s Cry arrives in your mailbox, on time, twice per year, it couldn’t have happened without Fran.

The EYC appreciates the efforts of all its volunteers, regardless of how much time they are able to contribute.  But, these three are something special.  Next time you see Susan, Sue, or Fran, please thank them for their time, and for their dedication to the EYC and its members.

Yours in Wind and Water,

Jay Lott