EYC Sailing Camp

The EYC offers a special beginner lesson program for first- and second-graders.

The EYC’s “Sailing Camp” instruction level is designed as a fun introduction to sailing for our youngest students.  Sailing Camp lessons are four days per week (Monday through Thursday) instead of five days per week.  The shorter schedule is easier on the students and also makes Sailing Camp less expensive than a full week of lessons.

“Sailing Campers” get on-land and on-the-water instruction just like all other EYC students, in the EYC’s Flying Scots and Optimist sailboats.  Sailing Camp emphasizes getting comfortable on the water and having a positive experience sailing, so that students will want to come back for more the next year!

If you have a child or grandchild who might benefit from an early introduction to sailing, consider enrollment in the EYC’s Sailing Camp.  Second graders are also eligible to enroll in Level 1, which features a curriculum similar to Sailing Camp but which is five days per week.

For more information about sailing lessons at the EYC, or to enroll, go to www.eyc.org/lessons.