Name an EYC Optimist Dinghy!

Two of the EYC’s nine International Optimist dinghies have never been named.  The EYC is offering to its members a chance to name those two boats in exchange for a donation to the EYC.  This is a great opportunity to help the EYC while at the same time putting your personal imprint on one of the EYC’s boats, memorializing a loved one, or just indulging yourself with a whimsical name.

Here’s how the auction works:  send your bid by e-mail to [email protected].  Include in the email your own name and your bid amount.  Minimum bid amount is $200 and bids must be a multiple of $25.  You do not need to include your proposed boat name.  Bidding deadline is 5:00 PM on May 1, 2012.

The two highest bidders each will be entitled to choose a boat name of up to 18 characters, which name must be suitable for a family yacht club.  The boat name you designate is subject to approval by the EYC.  Your bid is your promise to pay if you are one of the two highest bidders.

Please bid generously to help the EYC!  Your donation to the EYC is tax-deductible.