Share your Memories of Larry Lewis

Larry Lewis, who passed away earlier this winter, was a longtime member of the EYC.  He served as a member of the Board of Directors, as Commodore, and (in later years) as a sailing instructor.  Larry was an avid and creative racer, and was a teacher, example, and mentor to many EYC members, especially younger members.  His positive, enthusiastic, outgoing personality and his friendships across generational lines represented the best of what the Ephraim Yacht Club can be.

Did Larry Lewis touch your life?  Please share with your fellow EYC members your memories of Larry.  Whether your story is long or short, the EYC will publish it on the EYC website for your fellow EYC members to read.  Selected memories of Larry will also be published in the Eagle’s Cry.

Please send your stories and memories of Larry to [email protected].