Another Flying Scot Donated to the EYC

A big thank-you to longtime EYC members Lal and Pat Burridge, who donated their Flying Scot “Lal’s Single Malt” to the EYC, together with its sails and trailer.  This boat, in race-ready condition, greatly increases the overall quality of the EYC’s Flying Scot fleet.

Remember, because of its educational and amateur athletic mission, the EYC is qualified as a charity under Federal tax law, and therefore your donation is tax-deductible.  The EYC would be grateful for your donation of cash, appreciated securities, and equipment.  Among the items which the EYC would particularly like to receive are:

* Flying Scot, Optimist, Laser and 420 sailboats, and sails and equipment for them.
* Powerboats from 13 to 20 feet, suitable for use in the EYC’s lesson program.
* 4-stroke outboard motors.
* Shore Stations and similar boat lifts

The EYC will also gladly accept other boats and marine items in good condition which can be used in the EYC’s programs or sold to raise funds for the EYC.

And, remember the EYC in your will!