Junior and Teen Activities


This is the EYC’s final week of Junior and Teen Activities.

This week’s Junior Activity on Wednesday, August 3 will be Water Games at EYC from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  Bring a PFD and towel, and wear your swimsuit and athletic-type shoes.  Greased Watermelon Relay and Capture the Flag are just  a few of the activites.  Please sign up on the poster at EYC by Wednesday at noon.  Junior Activies are for EYC juniors who have at least completed first grade.  Questions?  Contact Duska Pearson 630 975 4942.

This weeks Teen Activity on Thursday, August 4 will be the Amazing Race II.  Pick up and drop off will be at the Pearson’s house, 2928 Valentine Lane in Ephraim.  Drop off at 6:00 PM, pick up at 8:30 PM.  Wear a swimsuit and athletic-type shoes.  Dinner and dessert will be served to all finishers.  Sign up on the poster at EYC by Thursday at noon.  Teen Activities are for who have completed 8th grade and older.  Questions?  Contact Duska Pearson 630 975 4942.