Buy a Sailboat in 2011

EYC members, consider whether you should be shopping for a new (or used) sailboat for the 2011 season!

While the EYC maintains a fleet of approximately thirty sailboats for students and qualified members to use, consider these reasons why you might want to own a private Flying Scot, Laser or Optimist:

*Used boats of quality suitable for racing can be purchased for less than you might think.  A high quality used Optimist is for sale to EYC members for $999 (see!/topic.php?uid=44558737326&topic=13918; used Lasers (the most numerous one-design boat in the world, with approximately 200,000 made) can frequently be had for under $1500; and used Flying Scots come on the market almost every week, with older racing-quality boats often priced between $3000 and $5000.

Several used Scots at a range of price points currently are for sale in Wisconsin:

Scot #3156, built 1978, including sails, cover, and trailer, located in Sturgeon Bay.  Asking $3000.  Contact Richard Raydell (262) 782-4797 [email protected]

Scot #4328, built 1987, including sails and many extras, and rigged for racing. Asking $4,800. Contact David at [email protected]

Scot #5868, built 2009, like new, with the radical racing package, sails and Trailex aluminum trailer, and many other extras, is offered for sale at $16,500 by the EYC’s own Craig Rawlins (312) 623-1514  [email protected]

*Sailboats are durable with proper care.   Some EYC Flying Scots have been in the same family for multiple generations, and are still as fast today as they were when new.

*Your sailboat will hold its resale value with proper care.  Because they are among the most popular classes, used Flying Scots, Lasers and Optimists can often be sold for about what you paid for them.

*In 2009 and 2010 the EYC’s boats were in such high demand for racing use that a daily draw system had to be implemented.  To be guaranteed a boat for racing, you need to own your own boat.

*Because EYC boats are used so heavily by our members and students, those boats wear and tear much more quickly than private boats, despite constant maintainance efforts by EYC staff and volunteers.  If you like to sail a boat which is in perfect condition, you should own a private boat.

*A private boat will be a faster boat for racing, for the same reasons — and because your sails will see much less use.

*Your children can be confident that their racing success (or lack thereof) is due to their effort and skills, and not to drawing an EYC boat which is perceived as faster (or slower).

*You can use a private boat to teach your children proper boat care habits.

*You and / or your children can travel to compete with a private boat.

*There is room on the EYC pier to keep your privately owned Optimist, Laser or Flying Scot.  The EYC’s dry slips are reserved for members and are reasonably priced.  For information on dry slip pricing, see

*By purchasing a private boat, you help keep the EYC’s fleets healthy.  The more boats and members who race, the better for all the racers.

*You can use your own private boat for daysailing or fun sails at any time, not just during EYC open hours and not just when the EYC’s boats happen to be available for non-lesson use.

*A boat makes a memorable holiday, birthday or anniversary gift for a child, grandchild or spouse — a gift which will keep on giving for years.  And, as the giver, you might even be invited for a ride.

The best prices on used sailboats are typically found in the fall or early winter.  Run a Google search, monitor online sites like craigslist, ebay, and boattrader, and watch the Flying Scot classified advertisements at  And keep an eye on the EYC’s own classified ads at

The EYC does not recommend the purchase of private Flying Juniors at this time, as the EYC plans to transition from FJs to 420s in the near future.