2008 EYC Season Positions Posting – 2008

EYC 2008 Positions Posting: We are seeking to fill the following positions. All interested candidates must send their qualifications with desired role to Commo[email protected] and (IMPORTANT) then call David Sauter at 920-217-5851 to confirm receipt.

Club Manager & Programs Director (CMPD): Preferably a college graduate interested in overseeing the seasonal programs at the club for multiple years. The ability to handle certain off-season preparatory work a plus. This position is responsible for managing the Staff and Instructor team and providing guidance & assistance to help them fulfill their duties. Candidates must demonstrate skills and experience in management and team-motivation. Candidates must have the ability to teach sailing and coach an Instructor team. This position will also interact and provide service to the membership at large. He/she will work with the Instructors to help raise the consistency of methods and content in the lesson programs. Reports to Commodore.

Equipment Manager: Responsible for maintenance of all club equipment and additional projects as needed. Monitor and maintain club equipment inclusive of all sailboats and power craft. Reports to Commodore and closely coordinates with Boats Committee Chair.

Junior Staff: (2 – am/pm) Duties include: Keeping the dock and clubhouse facilities clean and properly equipped; watering the clubhouse flower pots; assist EYC Bridge Club members with set up and other First Mates functions and; maintain the EYC power boats including their fueling and cleanliness; learn the proper way to answer and assist persons calling the Yacht Club; assist EYC members or find the proper persons to answer any questions they have or assist them with any boat or dock needs. Learn the proper use of equipment such as launching crane and assist Instructors with morning “ preparation” for sailing classes. The Jr. Staff Member’s work schedule is generally 20 hours per week. Persons under the age of 18 are required to have a child labor form filled out at the Wisconsin office located at the Gibraltar High School in Fish Creek. Reports to CMPD.

Part-Time Instructor: (Total ?) All Instructors are expected to, at minimum, complete level 1 US Sailing Instructor Training and maintain CPR certification. Part-Time Instructors will teach either morning or afternoon group lessons on an as needed basis. Reports to CMPD.

Instructors: (Total 7) All Instructors are expected to, at minimum, complete level 1 US Sailing Instructor Training and maintain CPR certification. Each Full-Time Instructor will also fulfill one of the following additional roles. Reports to CMPD

Instructor – Advanced Racing & Race Director: (1) Responsibilities include teaching the Advanced Racing Tactics course and acting as “Racing Champion” to encourage and enthuse students and members at large to participate in the EYC Racing program. They are encouraged to schedule additional racing clinics open to the membership throughout the summer. This person is responsible for bringing consistency to how EYC races are run and training any staff that run races. It is expected and scheduled that this person run as many of the races as possible to facilitate consistency in the program. Reports to CMPD and should coordinate with Board Racing Committee.

Instructor – Assistant Race Director: (1) Responsible for assisting the Race Director in fulfilling their role. Reports to CMPD with close coordination with Race Director.

Instructor – Activities Director: (1) Responsibilities include assisting the CMPD in coordinating all general club events/activities outside of lessons and racing. This person will work with the appropriate person, staff or member volunteers to help coordinate scheduled and unscheduled events sanctioned by EYC. The mission of this role is to raise the level of consistency and success of these events. This person should demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and conduct themselves in an appropriate and enthusiastic manner. A primary goal is encouraging participation from the membership in club events. Reports to CMPD and close coordination with First Mate and all Activities Chairs (Junior, Regatta, Opener, Bridge, etc.)

Instructor – Assistant Activities Director: (1) Responsible for assisting the Activities Director in fulfilling their role. Reports to CMPD with close coordination with Activities Director.

Instructor – Youth Lessons Director: (1) Responsibilities include coordination of Youth Lesson program with CMPD, teaching lessons and seeking ways to improve the youth segment of the lesson program. Reports to CMPD with close coordination with the Board Education Chair.

Instructor – Assistant Youth Lessons Director: (1) Responsible for assisting the Youth Lessons Director in fulfilling their role. Reports to CMPD with close coordination with Youth Lessons Director.

Instructor – Adult & Private Lessons Director: (1) Responsibilities include teaching the adult group program, any youth lessons as determined by the CMPD and managing the private lesson program. Mission is to engage more of our non-youth members in the art of Sailing. Reports to CMPD.