EYC Weekly Series

This year, we have some changes this year for the nights our fleets will be racing.   The club series is open to members and will kick-off on Saturday, June 10th.  For 2024  in the evenings, Monday racing will be for our Optis and Flying Scots, Tuesdays  420’s and Lasers,   Thursdays will be the RS Tera and Opti Fleet., and Fridays will remain the same with 420’s and Lasers.   Saturday morning will also be for our Flying Scot racers.
We will again have 7 regattas this year:  Fyr Ball Regatta(FS), Geezer-gatta (FS), Opti Regatta, 420 Regatta/Rich Hall Junior Regatta, Laser Regatta, Family Regatta, Women’s Regatta and of course, the 119th Ephraim Regatta.  We will be opening up the 420 regatta to all ages this year. The regatta will also be a two-day event.  We will keep a junior division to continue our Rich Hall Junior Regatta.   These regattas are open to all.
Please check the CALENDAR for all the dates.