114th Ephraim Regatta Winners

Congratulations to our 114th Ephraim Regatta Winners!

John and Connie Eckart, Sharon, MA – 1st Place (pictured here with Stacey Rieu, Race Chair and Jennifer Ikeda, EYC Commodore)
Ben Williams and Deb Aronson, Champaign, IL- 2nd Place
Michael Faugust and Jennifer Ikeda Faugust, – Bailey’s Harbor, WI – 3rd Place
Mark and Michelle Taylor, Tampa FL – 4th Place
Bruce and Lynn Kitchen, Cincinnati OH- 5th Place

Knudson Trophy: (placed highest in the annual Ephraim Regatta carrying a husband-wife team) – John and Connie Eckart
Vail Trophy: ( winner of first race) – John and Connie Eckart
Sauter Trophy: (winner of the last race)- John and Connie Eckart

Sturgis Trophy- ( highest placing skipper 18 years and under) Brendan Connelly with father, TJ