Last Chance to Bid on the EYC’s Wave Runner

Noon on May 1 is the deadline to bid in the auction to purchase the EYC’s used Wave Runner and trailer.  Currently the high bid is only $270.

Details: Yamaha Wave Runner 650LX, used.  Needs a new fuel pump, according to the EYC’s mechanic.  Already has a new battery and a new trailer strap.  The trailer is in nice condition, with no rust and good lights, wiring and tires.

A picture is available at

Questions about the Wave Runner?  E-mail [email protected]

TO BID: send an e-mail to [email protected] giving your name and the bid amount. Sorry, in order to keep things fair for all bidders, no further information as to the current high bid amount will be provided.  Bids must be in multiples of $10.  Final bid deadline is noon, Central Time, May 1, 2012.   The high bidder is required to pay the bid amount by personal check not later than May 10, 2012.  The Wave Runner can be inspected in Bailey’s Harbor — contact [email protected] to arrange for a viewing.  For a winning bidder who is outside Door County, the EYC will store the Wave Runner until June 2012 free of charge.