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Slip and Locker Rental Information and Policy

The EYC offers dry slips and rack slots on its pier for rent to EYC members, for Optimists, Lasers, 420s, Flying Scots and other* sailboats, and for windsurfers and paddle boards.  The dry slip and rack slot rental period begins at 9:00 AM on Monday, May 28 and ends on Friday, September 28; except that the windsurfer, paddleboard, kayak, and Laser (on rack) slip  rental periods end at 9:00 AM on Saturday, September 1.

To rent a slip, click here.

To rent a locker, click here.

For 2018, rental fees are as follows:

Flying Scots and similar sized sailboats*                                   Season: $527.50    Week: $126.60

Optimists (on pile), Lasers (on rack)                                          Season: $105.50

420, Optimist, Laser, Sunfish (on trailers or dollies)               Season: $422.00    Week: $84.40

Kayak, paddle board or windsurfer (single slot on rack)        Season $105.50

Large lockers (34″ x 14″ x 16″)                                                   Season: $79.13

Medium Large lockers (34″ x 12″x 16″)                                      Season:  $63.30

All rental prices include Wisconsin state and county sales tax of 5.5%.

A “week” is defined as any consecutive 7-day period.  Fractions of weeks are charged at the whole week rate.  Example: a ten-day rental will be charged for two weeks.

Neither the EYC nor its members, volunteers, directors, officers or employees are responsible for loss or damage to slipholder’s boats, kayaks, windsurfers, paddle boards, brother gear, or for loss or theft of locker contents.

Flying Scot placement on the pier is allocated by seniority.  Slipholders with consecutive years renting a Flying Scot slip may choose their prior location on the pier.

Neither the EYC nor its members, volunteers, directors, officers or employees are responsible for loss or damage to slipholders’ boats, kayaks, windsurfers, paddleboards or other gear, or for loss or theft of locker contents.

The slipholder is required to follow all instructions from the EYC staff, and all published EYC rules, with respect to his or her use of the slip.

The slipholder is required to adequately secure (including against theft) and tie down his or her boat, paddleboard, windsurfer or kayak.  The slipholder (not the EYC) is responsible for ensuring unauthorized persons do not use his or her boat or equipment.

Last year’s slipholders get first preference for open slips for the following year, so long as they renew their leases prior to the deadline set by the EYC.  Thereafter, slips and lockers will become available on a first come first served basis.

The EYC reserves the right to reject any slip lease application for any time for any reason, with a refund of slip rental fees.

Slipholders may not assign or sublet their slip or locker leases.

Non-member participants in EYC regattas will not be charged for dry slip use during the regatta and for one day on either side of the regatta.  Slipholders not participating in EYC regattas may be asked to move their boats off the EYC dock for this period to create dock space for regatta participants.

Laser (on rack) slots include storage for spars but not for blades, tillers, sails or other gear.

Optimist (on pile) dry slips are hull only and do not include storage for blades, sails, spars or other gear.

Kayak (on rack) slots are sized for a single kayak, or for two windsurfers or paddle boards. Windsurfers and/or paddle boards stored in kayak slots allow the slotholder to store mast, boom and sail on the same rack slot but do not include storage elsewhere at the EYC for any of those items.

*Not all boats will be suitable for EYC dry slip use, because of pier dimensions, crane and ramp weight and height limitations, and other factors.   Use of the EYC slips, pier and ramp by boats other than Flying Scots, 420s, Lasers and Optimists is subject to approval by the EYC and may be revoked (with a refund of slip lease fees) for any reason at any time, including if the EYC determines the boat type is not appropriate for EYC facilities, or if the EYC needs room for a different boat which is one of the EYC’s racing classes.

Lockers can be reserved online on a first-come, first-served basis.  Renters must provide their own lock.  The 2018 locker rental period begins at 9:00 AM on May 28 and runs until 9:00 AM on Saturday, September 1.