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COVID-19 Update

Due to the risks associated with COVID-19, EYC has implemented a COVID-19 Protocol building upon our existing EYC Safety Policy.
  • COVID-19 Waiver  is required for use of EYC club boats and lessons.  
  • As water conditions allow, the EYC dock will be open for private boat, kayak and stand up paddle slip rentals, and swimming for members only.
  • General Membership Rules:

The EYC supports the community efforts to decrease spread of COVID-19 in Door County, therefore, EYC Board has established the following:

All people on the EYC dock should follow the Wisconsin Department of Health guidelines.  Following the Wisconsin Department of Health guidelines will allow the EYC to lower the risk of exposure to Covid-19 for as many of our members as possible.

While at EYC consider wearing a mask and social distancing.

The Center for Disease Control recommends not wearing face coverings in water:

“Advise those wearing face coverings to not wear them in the water. Cloth face coverings can be difficult to breathe through when they’re wet.”

In accordance with the CDC recommendation, masks are not required on the water.

The EYC Board thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

  • Updated Sailing Lesson Opening

Participation in lessons requires a signed COVID-19 Waiver.  As stated in our COVID-19 Protocol, we reserve the right to make changes to scheduled programs as needed.

  • Member Use of Club Boats

EYC Flying Scots and 420s are available for member use by reservation only, subject to EYC Safety Policy and availability. You may make an reservation by​ emailing Please include the responsible skipper‘s name, boat type (Flying Scot or 420), date, requested start and end time, and number of passengers. Your reservation will be confirmed by EYC via email. Use of club boats is subject to weather, wind, water level, etc.   All people on club boats must sign the COVID-19 Waiver prior to the time of your reservation. For sailors under 18, the Parental Waiver is also required.

The two kayaks will be available for use per the EYC Safety Policy at the Director’s discretion.

Note:  Members are required to wear their own Coast Guard approved PFD’s.